About Us

Our History

SONMER was founded by María Etreros, mother of a large family and creative director.

Although her interest in fashion dates back to her childhood, María decided to first study Business Administration. First in Madrid, she then furthered her studies at Harvard and the London School of Economics.

She began her professional career in investment banking, which allowed her to complete her training in finance and the business world.

After a master's degree in fashion business management, she worked for many years in a multinational company in the sector, where her work in different areas gave her a much more in-depth vision of the sector.

But the pandemic arrived and with it came many questions.

A change? Yes, a change for her, for her career, for her family and for the industry.

This change is called SONMER. And it arose from the need for a personal change and to change what Maria saw for years that she did not like about the industry. In 2021 she began to think about this new slow concept manufactured in India and began to design. In April 2022 she launched her first collection.

United States? After Maria's time at Harvard she always knew she would return. A customer from New York, a conversation and an order. It was the signal that made Maria realize that it was time to start a business in the USA.

And the "never give up" culture is the philosophy that Maria has applied in this new adventure, long nights and many days combining her family with an illusion.

Maria was given a predefined script, she had to study in the best universities, she had to work in a big company to become a great manager, but the courage she exudes and the looks of her children made her embark on this ship that today crosses the Atlantic to reach the United States.

Our Brand

SONMER is passion and delicacy. SONMER wants each of
its garments to generate feelings in you. We want to transmit the same values
on which it was founded: energy, self-improvement and sensitivity.

We are inspired by the passion for the garments of the
past, Indian prints and travel.

Our collections are timeless and limited, combining
the most artisan prints with modern touches.

Our Values

We have left behind the fast fashion model to ensure our ethics, equity and values.

Under ecological and humanitarian premises we have worked on our slow fashion model; this is our essence.

Our goal is to achieve a balance between environmental, social and economic aspects.

We want to make a rational use of resources and avoid the use of polluting and harmful substances.

Our collections are not massive and we work under the concept of fair trade without pressure on costs or time.

For us, the choice of our partners in this adventure has been fundamental, so SONMER is born with a very special collaboration.

Our garments are made in India with the highest quality, under the same business concept.


Our factory has the highest standard certificates as a guarantee of sustainability in social and environmental matters.m content to give more information about your store, availability details...